St. Paul Abbey Visitation and Retreat Guidelines

  • The Abbey is closed on Monday’s
  • The Abbey can only receive male groups. No mixed groups allowed
  • The minimum age for overnight stay is 16 years old
  • The maximum number of group members for an overnight stay is 12 including servants.
  • For any registration, please register at least (2) two weeks in advance prior to your arrival date
  • Maximum length of stay for individuals
    • 3 nights throughout the year
    • 2 nights during summer
    • 1 night during Holy Week
  • Maximum length of stay for groups
    • 2 nights throughout the year and summer
    • 1 night during Holy Week

Registering For An Overnight Stay

Please use the correct registration link when registering. If you are registering for yourself, please click individual. For church groups, please select the church groups option. Out-of-state retreat registration is solely reserved for those visiting the abbey from out of state.

Registering For A Day/Family Visit

Please note: There are no overnight stays for day/family visits