Photos from the St. Paul Abbey

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  • The theme of this years Mondays with the Monks is “Follow Me” Beginning at 6PM on the following days. For Males only 7/24/23 7/31/23 8/7/23 8/14/23      

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  • Our spiritual Father Hegumen Matthew the Poor on the topic of repentance and holiness. This homily was about the Gospel of the second Sunday of the Month of Tobe and was given in the church of the 49 Elders of Shiheet in the Monastery of St. Macarius the Great in the year 1978. In the […]

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  • Jesus says unto her, Woman, believe Me, the hour comes, when you shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father. You worship ye know not what; we know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews. Everywhere, beloved, we have need of faith, faith the mother of blessings, the medicine […]

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