St. Paul Abbey Guidelines for visitations and Retreats

St. Paul Abbey kindly asks that in order to benefit from your retreat and time at the Abbey and that the sanctity of the Abbey is maintained, the follow guidelines be kept.

  • The Abbey is your place so please keep it clean (please do not leave dirty dishes in the sink)
  • Please abide by the Church Schedule. 
  • Please attempt to arrive at church 10 minutes prior to the beginning of service.
  • Please respect the sanctity of the church and dress appropriately (no shorts, no sleepwear in church).
  • If arriving late, prostrate (worship) in the back of the church and do not greet anyone.
  • Before you leave, ensure that the retreat house and refractory are clean and ready for the next visitor.
  • For Retreatants
    • The Abbey provides sheets and pillows; Please make sure to bring them to the laundry room before leaving (except for the covers).
    • Bring your own toiletries, towels, and masks
    • Bring your Bible, Agpeya and a spiritual book. No electronics are allowed in the Church
    • No leaving the Abbey premises throughout your stay unless granted permission.